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David Kerr, Ph.D.

Phone: 802-656-2113
Email: david.kerr@uvm.edu

Campus address:
213 Terrill Hall
Department of Animal Nutrition and Food Sciences
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT

Ph.D. University of Saskatchewan 1989
M.Sc. University of Saskatchewan 1984
B.Sc. McGill University 1979
Research Interests and Focus
My research is focused on developing new approaches to prevent or treat infections of the bovine mammary gland. This disease (mastitis) negatively affects the welfare of diary cattle, and is very costly to the dairy industry. A major portion of my current research is aimed at developing a more thorough understanding of the animal’s innate immune response to infection, and to determine mechanisms by which this immunity can be enhanced.
Graduate classes taught
ASCI 303 Proposal Writing
ANFS 395 Cells to Society
ASCI 302 Graduate Seminar
Zheng, J., A. D. Watson, and D. E. Kerr. 2006. Genome-Wide Expression Analysis of Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Mastitis in a Mouse Model. Infection and Immunity 74:1907-1915.

Wall, R.J., A.M. Powell, M.J. Paape, D.E. Kerr, D.D. Bannerman, V.G. Pursel1, K.D. Wells, N. Talbot, and H.W. Hawk. 2005. Genetically enhanced cows resist intramammary Staphylococcus aureus infection. Nature Biotechnology 23:445-451.

Zheng J., J.L. Ather, T.S. Sonstegard, and D.E. Kerr. 2005. Characterization of the infection-responsive bovine lactoferrin promoter. Gene 353:107-117.

Pareek, R., O. Wellnitz, R.Van Dorp, J. Burton, and D.E. Kerr. 2005. Immunorelevant gene expression in LPS-challenged bovine mammary epithelial cells. Journal of Applied Genetics 46:171-177! .

Wellnitz, O. and D.E. Kerr. 2004. Cryopreserved bovine mammary cells to model epithelial response to infection. Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology 101:191-202.
Current Students (M.S. and Ph.D.)
Jennifer Scudder, M.S. Candidate, ASCI