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Feng-Qi Zhao, Ph.D.

Phone: 802-656-0786
Email: fzhao@uvm.edu

Campus address:
219 Terrill Hall
Department of Animal Nutrition and Food Sciences
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT

Postdoctoral Fellow National Institutes of Health, USA
Ph.D. University of Alberta, Canada 1995
M.Sc. Nanjing Agricultural University, China 1986
B.Sc. Anhui Agricultural University, China 1983
Research Interests and Focus
My research mainly focuses on the regulation of milk synthesis. Current specific projects include regulation of mammary glucose uptake in supp! orting milk production and hormonal regulation of milk gene expression. In addition, I am also interested in the role of a group of Oct transcription factors in mammary development and tumorigenesis. My research is primarily aimed at the improvement of the productivity of dairy animals in agriculture and the discovery of the causes and possible cure of breast cancer in medicine.
Graduate classes taught
ANFS 395A: Research Methods and Proposal Writing
ASCI 301: Graduate Research Seminar
ASCI 302: Graduate Journal Club
ASCI 351: Research Proposal Writing
Honors and Awards
Invited speaker in ASAS/ADSA Annual Meeting 1996

USDA NRI Animal Growth and Nutrient Utilization Panel member 2005
Miller, M., Finucane, K., Hughes, P. and Zhao, F-Q. 2005. Cloning and expression of bovine glucose transporter GLUT12. Mamm. Genome, 16, 873-883.

Zhao, F-Q, McFadden, TB, Wall, EH, Dong, B., and Zheng, Y-C. 2005. Cloning and expression of bovine sodium/glucose cotransporter SGLT2. J. Dairy Sci. 88, 2738-2748.

Zhao, F-Q, Zheng, Y-C, Wall, EH, and McFadden, TB. 2005. Cloning and expression of bovine sodium/glucose cotransporters. J. Dairy Sci. 88, 182-194.

Zhao, F-Q, Miller, PJ, Wall, EH, Zheng, Y-C, Dong, B. Neville, MC, and McFadden, TB. 2004. Bovine glucose transporter GLUT8: cloning, expression, and developmental regulation in mammary gland.! Biochem. Biophy. Acta. 1680:103-113.

Zhao F-Q, Zheng Y-C, Dong B, Oka T. 2004. Cloning, genomic organization, expression, and effect on ?-casein promoter activity of a novel isoform of the mouse Oct-1 transcription factor. Gene 326:175-187.
Current Students (M.S. and Ph.D.)
Kiera Finucane, M.S candidate, ASCI
Yogi Misra, Ph.D candidate, ANFS