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Julie Smith, Ph.D.

Phone: 802-656-4496
Email: Julie.M.Smith@uvm.edu

Campus address:
113 Terrill Hall
Department of Animal Nutrition and Food Sciences
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT

Ph. D. Cornell University 2002
D. V. M. Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine 1994
B. S. Cornell University 1990
Research Interests and Focus
Dr. Julie Smith is a veterinarian and nutritionist. Since arriving at UVM in 2002, she has been developing an applied research program to study nutritional modulation of growth and immune syst! em development in young dairy calves. Julie also is leading, along with the Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets, Vermont’s collaboration with the Regional Dairy Quality Management Alliance’s pilot study of factors affecting the maintenance of pathogens of animal and human health importance, Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis (cause of Johne’s disease in ruminants), Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria, on dairy farms.
Graduate classes taught
Dr. Smith does not have a teaching appointment on campus. She conducts extension education programs on biosecurity and calf management on a statewide, regional, and national basis.
Honors and Awards
2005 National Association of County Agricultural Agents Communication Award National Winner for biosecurity videotape

2004 National Association of County Agricultural Agents Communication Award Regional Finalist for learning module, personal column, and videotape
Bovine Alliance on Management and Nutrition (BAMN). 2006. Heifer growth and economics: Target growth. 4 pp.

Smith, J. 2004. Healthy Farms-Healthy Agriculture: Protecting the health of animal agriculture. An overview of dairy cattle biosecurity. VHS video. 18 min.

Smith, J., J. Ather, M. Murray, and L. Yandow. 2003. Healthy Farms-Healthy Agriculture. 3-ring binder. 117 pp.

Smith, J., and K. Parker. 2003. Healthy Farms-Healthy Agriculture website. url: http://www.uvm.edu/~ascibios.

Nonnecke, B. J., M. R. Foote, J. M. Smith, B. A. Pesch, and M. E. Van Amburgh. 2003. Composition and functional capacity of blood mononuclear leukocyte populations from neonatal calves on standard and intensified milk replacer diets. Journal of Dairy Science 86:3592-! 3604.
Current Students (M.S. and Ph.D.)
Devin Berthiaume, current ASCI Masters student
Jag-Jeevan Patlola Reddy, current ASCI Masters student